Sada Bettencourt was born in San Jose, CA to Portuguese immigrant parents who immigrated in the 70's from the Azore Islands. Fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish she has maintained her connection and love for her heritage. No stranger to the spotlight from a young age, she first began pursuing her passions in the performing arts at the age of 5, developing talents in dance, singing and theater. Her passion for performance and acting prompted her move from San Francisco to Los Angeles where she quickly began to pick up steam in her career.

Best known for her role in Showtime's The Real L Word, which has allowed her the exposure to become a household name. She continues to expand and hone her craft within the Entertainment world. Sada utilizes her strength gained through adversity as a platform for her creative work, always honoring her truth and coming from a place of raw expression while using her social media platform to inspire others with her many passionate endeavors. ‚Äč